Steps to Enroll in the Best University Via Study Permit in Canada

Apply for study permit canada

Canadian universities are globally accredited as the best for world-class education and is preferred by more than a hundred thousand foreign students each year. The study permit in Canada serves as a gateway to high-quality teaching but it is important that you fill your application with utmost precision. Do note down one thing – You Don’t Need A Permit If Your Educational Course Of Program Is Only Of Six Months. A study permit is meant for full-time students who seek to enroll in a high education institute/university. With a student permit, you may be able to work off-campus, work as an intern, stay in Canada as a permanent resident, and can find work after you graduate.

What’s The Right Way To Apply Canadian study permit?

The most common question asked by an applicant is how difficult it is to get a student visa for Canada. Figuring this out is mainly determined by where you want to study and how well-prepared you are to apply for a study permit in Canada. Some of the main steps include:

#1 First, Decide On Your University To Apply and Get Acceptance Letter. It is imperative to decide in advance before applying for the student visa application process.

#2 Circumstance Where You Don’t Need to Study Permit or Student Visa.

• If you are a family or staff member of Canadian foreign representative.

• If you are planning to enroll in a program that lasts only for six months.

#3 Starting Your Application for Canadian Student Visa. As soon as you get the acceptance letter, it’s time to apply for the student permit. The application can also be filed online at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. You need to provide an acceptance letter from the designated learning institute (i.e. university accepted by the Canadian Government). In addition to this, you need to show that you are financially agile to support your education in Canada. The candidate must not have a criminal record and state you’re in good health condition.

#4 Prepare All the Documents Required for Student Visa in Canada.

• Fill out the student permit application form.

• Attaching an original letter of acceptance from a recognized university.

• Valid passport/Travel Document.

• Two recent passports sized photographs with your name and D.O.B on the back.

• Proof of financial support.

• A letter of explanation.

If you intend to study in QUEBEC, you’ll also need Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, document translation in English and French, statement from the translator, and certified copy of original documents.

Proof that you’ve paid the study permit fee.

#5 Language Requirement for Canadian Student Permit. Most Canadian universities require you to submit proof of your language proficiency. The accepted language test is: IELTS, Cambridge English: Advanced, and TOEFL. The proof of language is not required if you are coming from an English speaking country.

#6 Biometric Appointment and Interview. Some countries even demand biometric appointments and interviews at dedicated visa application centers. This is an additional fee (85 CAD). The Biometrics exemptions are listed under subsection R12.2(1) and sections R12.6, R12.7 and R12.8 of Immigration and Refugees Protection Regulations (IRPR).

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