SINP and AINP – Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada

SINP stands for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and AINP stands for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. They both fall under the province immigration category and allow eligible candidates to apply for permanent residency in either Saskatchewan or Alberta. In other words, if you intend to immigrate to Canada via the provincial nominee program, a Canadian province must nominate you first.

Each province has its own selection criteria and parameters, therefore, an individual has to adhere to different sets of requirements. The sole purpose of the program is to attract the exact immigrants best suited for the local job market and those who can bring benefits to both the economy and society. With the right education, experience and skills, a person becomes eligible for the Canadian provincial nominee program and can easily enter into Saskatchewan or Alberta Canada. It’s quite an opportunity for people who want to live/work in a specific region. If eligible, the country ensures speedy processing of an application and a fast track way to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

How To Apply for Canada PNP Program?

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is quite different compared to the federal immigration program and offers many relaxations such as:

•          Freedom to choose province to settle.

•          No job offer requirement.

•          Eligible candidate will get permanent residency instantly.

•          The applicant gets the education at a subsidized rate.

•          No restrictions on travel inside and outside the country.

•          However, applicants are not allowed to settle down in other provinces.

The provincial program stream usually targets students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers and business people and is absolutely suited to those who have the capability to contribute to the economy and want to live in that province.

There are two ways to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) i.e. #1 PAPER BASED PROCESS and #2 EXPRESS ENTRY PROCESS. In both cases, you have to meet the eligibility criteria. has been helping applicants in meeting eligibility criteria and to ease the immigration process.

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