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Yukon Express Entry

With respect to this entry, eligible candidates who have the opportunity of entering the federal Express Entry pool and have interest in living and working in Yukon can put in an application to the Yukon Express Entry stream (YEE).

In march 2015, a new stream known as Express Entry stream was added to the already existing Yukon’s immigration program. This stream provides an opportunity for individuals who are in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Express Entry pool and have the requisite education, skills with regards to work experience, language ability, and other factors to enable them settle successfully. Hence providing a way of integrating them into the Yukon’s labour market and communities.

The YNP Express Entry Program (YEE) provides enormous opportunities through the introduction of “enhanced” allocations with Federal Express Entry immigration selection system. Employers seeking skilled workers without Canadian citizenship or permanent residents have the opportunity of accessing Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship’s (IRCC) Express Entry in order to occupy job positions. This enables YNP Express Entry Program applicants to be drawn based on nominations from job offers for permanent.

Skilled Worker Category

This stream allows employers in Yukon to sponsor foreign skilled workers for Canadian permanent residence. The applicant under Sponsored should be working in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A, or B occupation.

Applicants who fall in this category should receive a permanent full-time job offer from a Yukon employer in an occupation listed under NOC levels 0, A or B. To be eligible for the Yukon Nominee Program, the applicant as well as the employer should meet some requirements.

Critical Impact Worker

This category target employers who wish to sponsor workers with experience in a semi-skilled or unskilled occupation in high demand in the territory for immigration.

Applicants under sponsorship should receive a job offer from a Yukon employer; however, it is not mandatory to be in the province while putting in the application at that time.

Business Nominee

This is for individuals with proven experience in business seeking to start a new business, partner with an existing business in Yukon.

Applicants should be willing to contribute significantly to investment in their Yukon-based business.

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