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International Skilled Worker Category

The main benefits of the Saskatchewan International Skilled category are the need for only CLB 4 score (Canadian Language Benchmark) for English and 1 year of work experience. The medium wage requirements must still be followed.

The province offers 2 different types of nominations:

  1. They can use for their permanent residence application
  2. They can use for their work permit application

When applying for a Work Permit the nomination is a stronger document than an LMIA. A Work Permit allows the government officer to know the applicant plans to stay in the province; whereas an LMIA is temporary.

There are three sub-categories under this provincial nominee immigration category:
International Skilled Worker-Employment Offer
With this sub-category a job confirmation letter from the employer is required to confirm the legitimacy of the position. This can only be performed by the employer and is done at no cost.
In addition there is a designated trade list. The designated trade list allows low skilled workers to apply for nomination through the provincial program.
International Skilled Worker-Occupations In-Demand
International Skilled Worker-Saskatchewan Express Entry

Saskatchewan Experience Category

Saskatchewan Experience Category is generally for people who have come to Canada with an LMIA and want to apply for PR.

After 6 months of work experience has been gained one can apply for a nomination certificate and then after apply for PR. A language test is not required when applying for PR if the applicant qualifies as a skilled worker.

If the applicant is in a low skilled position, a language score of CLB 4 is required.

There are five sub-categories under this provincial nominee immigration category:
Existing Work Permit
Health Professionals
Hospitality Sector Project
Long Haul Truck Driver Project

SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This category is for people who wish immigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan Nominee Program by actively operating a business or farm in Saskatchewan.

There are two sub-categories under this provincial nominee immigration category:
Entrepreneur Sub-Category
Farm Owners & Operators Sub-Category

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