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Ontario OINP Online Applications

What You Need to Know

If you are currently residing in Ontario and you qualify for permanent residence through either the Student or Worker stream then we can help you.

Both of these Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) streams have an online application intake system which is governed by the number of users trying to access their online system. It works on a first come first serve basis which organises all the system users into a queue. This queue time will increase as the number of users trying to access the system increases. This means that when one application registration process is complete the system will then allow the next to begin. A longer queue time indicates a high volume of system users. Once the system intake limit is reached then the queue will shut down. The timer in the queue system will become unresponsive when the intake limit has been reached.

In our professional experience these programs open without notice, then the queue time increases very rapidly and then also shutdowns without notice and will leave many users left inside the queue.

The Ontario government tries to keep the intake of the program as fair as possible by opening the program without notice. Basically the program will open without any prior notice. So once it opens it is a race to get into the queue so that you can then submit your application.

The last time the program streams opened for students and workers was in February 2020. The system was only open for application intake for approximately an hour and a half before it shut down due to internal server issues. The program reopened again a few hours later and again closed very quickly after due to a complete intake for the program streams.

The Benefits of an Immigration Consultant

The Ontario government provides different portal access for individual users and consultant users. Once a consultant is logged into the system that consultant has the ability to submit up to 100 applications. The consultant still has to adhere to program intake numbers and have a limited time to submit as many applications as possible, but each consultant is only required to enter the queue once. Therefore, consultants have an advantage when serving their clients.

The Canadian Application Centre Software Advantage

  1. Several Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to choose from that suit your needs best.
  2. The CAC uses automated form filling technology to rapidly enter all your data into the online forms. We have the ability to submit many applications much quicker than other consultants and software programs.
  3. Our software notifies our consultants when the program opens. Which means we are ready to go immediately.
  4. Our system allows us to collect all the data needed for an application before the program opens so there are no delays or missed opportunities due to lack of information.

How to Start

The first step is to make an appointment with a consultant so you prepare and ensure that the person you are working with is a good fit for you. The Canadian Application Centre allows you to browse through various consultant profiles and then choose the one you like best. Then you can choose a time suitable for you and book it directly into the consultant’s calendar.

The second step is to meet with the immigration consultant which is performed online via Zoom, and the meeting is recorded. During the meeting the consultant will share their screen, take notes and make recommendations specifically for you. This way you can have a customized immigration plan developed in a short 30 minute period.

The third step is to purchase an application. If you are interested in purchasing an application after the consultation, the CAC will then allow you to purchase one of the applications recommended to you by the consultant you met with.

The staff at the Canadian Application Centre understand how important the goal of permanent residence in Canada is. Give yourself the best chance for success by using our system and one of our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants!

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Ontario Express Entry

With the introduction of the Express Entry by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), they are able to manage permanent resident applications for skilled migration to Canada.

To be eligible for the Express Entry and be considered for nomination by the province of Ontario, individuals must qualify under either one of two of the federal immigration programs namely Federal Skilled Worker program and the Canadian Experience Class.

Human Capital Priorities Stream
French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

General Category

This Ontario PNP General Category targets employers and foreign nationals wishing to invest in an Ontario company. This category is meant to enable employers and investors recruit foreign skilled workers who have the required skills and experience which are in high demand in Ontario.

International Student Category

There is a hold, on new applications to the Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate streams temporarily as of May 9, 2016. However, the Job Offer Stream is still open to prospective individuals with offers already approved through the Employer Pre-screen application process

To qualify, International student, must receive a job offer that meets the following requirement:
  • permanent full-time job offer with approval and in a high-skilled occupation (NOC 0, A or B)
  • meet up with the entry-level wage levels in Ontario for that particular occupation.
This category is targeted at students from abroad and accepts applications under the following three streams:
International Student with a Job Offer Stream
International PhD Graduate Stream
International Masters Graduate Stream

Business Category

Ontario seeks to bring in foreign businesses and entrepreneurs to the province. For this category which falls under OINP, entrepreneurs who has a business idea and key staff of corporations and wishes to expand their operations in Ontario can be nominated for permanent residence by the Province.

There are three streams under this category and they are as follows:
Corporate Stream
Entrepreneur Stream
Investor Category

How it works?

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