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Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Under this category, Skilled Worker application is accepted from international student graduates and qualified temporary foreign workers who may be working in province and have been offered a permanent, full-time job with their employer. Eligibility are not based on points unlike other connections.

Manitoba Experience Pathway
Employer direct recruitment pathway

Express Worker Overseas

A point-based system is used to assess eligible candidates, who may be outside of Canada. The applications are accepted from qualified applicants who are able to show strong connection to the province through past education,family or friends or employment (Manitoba Experience), or by invitation of the MPNP and who can get a minimum of 60 points score on the basis of five eligibility factors: age, language proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
Human Capital Pathway

Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

The Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative is open to individuals, including many who do not currently qualify under any other Canadian immigration programs. Morden, is providing an opportunity to individuals seeking to migrate to the province of Manitoba. Occupations currently eligible for the program include manufacturing, cabinet making, welding, industrial sewing machine operators, and childcare and daycare workers.

Requirements for the Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative Candidates must:

Business Investor

Under the Business Investor category, Individuals from foreign countries seeking to invest in the province are nominated and recruited. The Business Investor operates on an ‘Expression of Interest’ system, whereby prospective applicants express an interest by putting in an application to the program. The most qualified applicants are invited to apply for immigration.

Entrepreneur Pathway
Farm Investor Pathway

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