How To Successfully File Application For Study Permit in Canada?

Study Permit in Canada

Canada, with plenty of renowned universities and qualified educational programs, offers great opportunities for students. This is why many people are considering study permit to help shape their career. If you are considering immigrating to Canada temporarily for education or with a scholarship, it becomes imperative to know the parameters and guidelines for filing the Canada citizenship application.

So what is your first and foremost step while applying for a Canadian study permit? Your first step should be to find the college or university you’re planning to study and gain the acceptance letter from the respected institute. The acceptance letter is crucially important part of the application. Without an acceptance letter, your application will be rejected immediately.

Capability To Meet Tuition Fee and Basic Facility. This is the next step after the acceptance letter. The immigration board requires your ability to meet at least one year of coverage (tuition fees and basic necessities). Keep in mind that once your study permit is approved, you are allowed to work part-time(20 hours/week) during study tenure and full-time (40 hours/week) on your breaks/holiday.

Ties To Your Home Country. Since study permits are temporary in nature, you need to provide proof to immigration officers that you a strong connection with your home country. You have to prove that you are likely to go back once your study period is complete. A familial tie is an assurance that either your parent, spouse, guardian or other relation will be able to provide financial support for during and after your study period.

New Rules For Study Permit In 2019

Canada is an attractive country for many international students who want to pursue higher education from a recognized university. Obtaining a study permit can be quite difficult without understanding the latest criteria. Please note the following when making an application.

  • Canada has launched programs (such as SDS, SSP) to help students obtain a visa efficiently.
  • After applying for visas, you are required to submit your IELTS exam results.
  • As per current IRCC guidelines students who do not provide the right of information or misrepresent themselves may end up being barred from applying for up to 5 years, in extreme cases.

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