Open work permit

temprorary work permit - Open work permit

Open work permits are immigration documents that allow temporary residents to work in Canada over a specified period of time. Different from standard work permit, an open work permit is not linked to a specific position, location or employer. As such, a holder of an open work permit may assume most positions needless of immigration approval, and may subject employers to change without further approvals. An individual might get open work permit by an employer inside Canada, outside Canada or at the port of entry to Canada.

For open work permit, you may qualify to apply if you fall within the listed scenarios below:

  • Applicants with Permanent residence who have applied to an office in Canada,
  • Some applicants who are dependent family members of permanent residence applicants,
  • Common-law partners and spouses of international students and workers,
  • Protected persons and their family members, refugee claimants, refugees
  • Some holders of temporary resident permit or
  • Some young workers who are participants of special programs.

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