Super visa for Parents & Grandparents

family 2 - Super visa for Parents & Grandparents

Parents and grandparents can migrate to Canada as long-term visitors with The Super Visa Program allows . With regards to this program when an applicant succeeds, he/she is given multiple-entry visitor visas which may have a duration for up to 10 years. Different from standard visitor visas, which is renewable every six months, Super Visa is maintains its validity for two years at a time.

Eligibility for Super Visa program, requires that parents and grandparents meet the requirements of standard visitor visa . Additionally, they must:
  • Provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada;
  • Show that the sponsor in Canada meets minimum income requirements;
  • Prove they have purchased Canadian health insurance for at least one year; and
  • Complete an immigration medical examination.

In additional to Super Visa and depending on the nationality, a Temporary Resident Visa may be needed by the Parents/grandparents.

In addition to being a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident, the sponsor must meet certain requirements for Family Class Immigration Sponsorship.

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