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SINP Express Entry

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, popularly known as the SINP express entry, quite different than Ontario's PNP Canada, and allows eligible candidates permanent residency status in the province and subsequently nominate them to the federal government. The candidates are selected on the basis of the criteria, (i.e. education, skills, experience, etc.). The following are reasons why SINP is becoming a viable solution:

  • SINP offer fair application processing time.
  • Immigration officer of the specific province offers assistance during the process.  
  • Every year, though, SINP, a certain number of applications are accepted for all individual categories.
  • Candidates are selected as per the need & labour requirement in Saskatchewan economy.

Categories Covered in SINP Express Entry

#1 International Skilled Worker Category

This category of SINP covers the overseas skilled workers have the necessary talents to contribute to the economy and are willing to live & work in the province of Saskatchewan. The internationally skilled worker category is further segregated into:

  • Employment offer sub-category – For applicants with a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan.
  • Occupation in-demand sub-category – To nominate a candidate who doesn’t have a job offer but possesses special skill sets.
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub Category – To nominate those skilled workers who are already in the express entry queue and suited best for the province's labour market needs.

#2 SINP Experience Category – Saskatchewan experience category is designed to nominate those overseas candidates for permanent residency which are already living and working in the province.

#3 Entrepreneur and Farm Category – This SINP category is intended for those candidates who are willing to make a significant investment in business & farm operations in Saskatchewan.

Requirements for Saskatchewan Express Entry

As an applicant, you must provide all the necessary documents to prove you’re eligible for the SINP nomination, which typically includes your identity (birth certificate/passport), academic credentials, work experience, language ability, finances, etc. The required documents also include but are not limited to:

  • Express Entry profile number, including the job seeker validation code
  • Language Credentials
  • Education and Training Credentials
  • Work Experience Credentials
  • Proof of Professional Status and Licensure
  • Settlement Funds and Settlement Plans

Please note that the Saskatchewan government may also ask for additional documentation that is not listed above. To make your application process easier and schedule an appointment with one of our consultants. Our immigration experts are reliable, accountable, professional, and trustworthy and can provide all the guidance needed to apply. Contact us at ircc.ca.

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