Why hire our services

Immigration rules in Canada change all the time. Our consultants at the Canadian Application Centre each have their own companies in different provinces across Canada and are all very successful. We have over 100 years of experience for you in one place!

ICCRC regulates immigration consultants which are all held accountable by rules of professional conduct and have insurance. Many provinces have regulations that immigration consultants must follow which all of the IRCC.ca consultants are registered. This is important as they are accountable to you and the government in their jurisdiction.

Fixed rates are awesome as we have negotiated fair rates to complete the work required. This eliminates shopping around to different consultants that tell you anything to get your business.

IRCC.ca platform streamlines the entire process from start to finish to make paper and online applications for you to check/sign and for submission. This speeds up processing time for the application assembly as everything is completed in one place as well as all communication.

Tracking status and ease of use are important after an application is submitted. Transparency about submissions, times, communications from the government as well as requests are all available in your profile to easily see on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC at any time. The site updates automatically once the consultant makes changes so you see as well as are notified of changes. All your communications are in one place so it is easy to see past emails and refer back to information provided at anytime in the process.

Most importantly, the reason why you want to hire IRCC.ca is to get successful results. By having access to the some of the top professionals in Canada for each type of application as well as people that may speak your language, it gives you the highest possibility for success.

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