Why have a consultation

Having a consultation is the most important part of the process to be successful. The best way to be successful is to know what your applying for and what documents you need as well as the format they must come in. This not only increases success rate but also speeds up the process.

This is also a great way to get answers to your questions and find out important tips to ensure success from some highly skilled consultant. Also, you may hear of options that you may not of known which may be better and save you money and time.

This is a chance for you to meet a consultant, see if you like them and potentially hire them. Our team at IRCC.ca will help to get a consultation with the right person which handles your type of situation. IF you do not like the consultant that you spoke with for what ever reason but know you qualify, no problem as we have many others available for your consideration.

You may wonder why there is not the names of the consultants on the site, that is because their time is valuable and we get the discounted rates for sending clients and consultations which they are paid for their time.

Scheduling is easy and fast. You will know what consultants do which types of applications so you can set up a consultation with them. It confirms via email and text to both you and the consultant confirm the appointment. This way there is no missed consultations.

Payments are all secure and completed through PayPal to ensure your money is tracked, receipts are provided and money is transferred to the consultant for your time slot.

Knowing your options saves time and money. Hire someone accountable that specializes in what you need to give yourself the best chance for success.

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