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Study Work Permit Canada

The first question most people ask after obtaining a study permit is “Can I work while I am studying?”. Unfortunately the answer is both “Yes” and “No”.

A study permit is only required if your program is longer than 6 months. Any program that is shorter than 6 months no permit is required. However, you are not able to work in Canada if your program is less than 6 months. A Canadian study permit allows you to study for the duration of your course. The sole purpose of the study permit is to allow foreign nationals to engage in academic, vocational, professional training or other education which is more than 6 month in duration. Specific regulations have been put in place to allow foreign students to work in Canada. So as long as you follow the rules then yes you can work in Canada with a study permit.

#1 On-Campus Work. You are entitled to work ‘on-campus’ without an additional work permit provided that you meet the following criteria:
● You are a full time student with a valid work permit.
● You are attending a post-secondary school, college, or university or CEGEP in Quebec.
● A private college-level school in Quebec that operates under the same rubrics as a public. school or if the school is 50% funded by government grants.
● A Canadian private school that is legally accredited degree under provincial law.

Please note that in certain circumstances you may require a social insurance number if your visa has the condition that you’ve to meet eligibility criteria as per R186(f), (v) or (w).

#2 Off-Campus Work. You are entitled to work up to 20 hours a week off campus provided that you meet the following criteria:
work permit if:
● You are a full time student with a valid work permit.
● You are a full-time student in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
● Your program has begun.
● You have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If you have any further questions about the program or if this does not apply please visit to explore all you immigration options or to book a consultation.

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