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Saskatchewan’s economy is creating opportunities for employment and investment in all sectors of the province. But our province’s most enticing feature is the rich quality of life Saskatchewan residents enjoy.
We have short commutes to work, new schools and this is complemented by the third lowest personal income tax rate in the country. People who move to Saskatchewan claim it is more than just a great place to work – it is an ideal place to call home.

We can help you through the entire process or only what you need, see below to know.

SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This category is for people who wish immigrate to Canada through Saskatchewan Nominee program by actively operating a business or farming in Saskatchewan.

There are two sub-categories under this provincial nominee immigration category:
Entrepreneur Sub-Category
The Entrepreneur Sub-Category for individuals who wish to establish, obtain or partner in a business in Saskatchewan while actively managing it.
Oh boy, there is a lot for sale in Saskatchewan, opportunities are huge with only just over 1 million people and the resources to feed the world. With 100,000 lakes fresh water is flowing, and a forest the size of Germany, wood is a plenty.

We have it all and we are only just over 100 years old, time to take advantage!

Some of the eligible businesses are:
Sole Proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, which are for-profit through the sale of goods and services. This includes buying a business, starting a new business or partnering with an existing business owner. You can even start a business with a friend and come together!
The most important things are that you actually want to live here and stay here. Why not, it’s a great place to raise a family with excellent schools…

Businesses to avoid are:
Property rental, investments, leasing, real estate constructions, insurance, professional services, pad days loans, banks, home-based businesses, and passive income businesses.
We are looking for people that want to have an active role and work in the business.

What We can do for you and this is why you should choose us:

  1. Consultation – make sure you qualify and understand the program
  2. Retainer for applications and advice
  3. Visitor visa application
  4. Business tour, (use our network, even bigger for business immigration than farming)
  5. Business Establishment Plan
  6. Expression of Interest Application
  7. SINP Application for Nomination (only for work permits first)
  8. Work permit, Open Work Permit, Study Permits
  9. Business performance agreement consultation
  10. Removal of conditions to get a second nomination (permanent)
  11. Permanent resident application

We also provide Additional Services like Business Start-Up consulting, Business Plans, and Business Set Up. Start with a consultation, know your points so you can be ready as this is a great opportunity!

Farm Owners & Operators Sub-Category

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