Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – How To Hire Foreign Skilled Worker in Canada?

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a fast track employer-driven program specifically designed to facilitate employers in Canada to hire foreign skilled applicants for jobs. In effect from March 1, 2019 the Canadian Government has announced a 2-year extension on Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, which gives international graduates more time to apply, flexibility to recruit healthcare professionals and changes in the requirement for temporary work permit applications. 

The sole purpose of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot is to welcome additional newcomers to the Canadian Region (i.e. people who meet eligibility criteria and can contribute to the economy and can fill the needs of local employers. With the pilot program, a designated employer can identify, recruit and retain global talent/workforce to increase employment rates in the region. Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a partnership between the Government of Canada and Four Atlantic Provinces; which includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador.

Things Employer Need To Consider for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The entire program is a key initiative towards the Atlantic growth strategy and begins when an individual is applying to immigrate to Canada. With the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, employers can offer jobs to skilled foreign workers or recent international graduates. The international graduates must apply for a job inside the  province. An employer must first provide proof that their company has not been able to fill the vacant job with local talent. On the contrary, a candidate has to endorse the job offer as only then he/she would be able to apply for permanent residency.

Requirements for the Atlantic Immigration program are:

  • Atlantic Endorsement Letter from an Atlantic Province.
  • Criminal, Security and medical screening for candidates.
  • Candidates must have one-year full-time work experience in the primary occupation.
  • Fulfilling Essential Duties with NOC.
  • Candidates have to mandate language requirements.
  • Canadian immigration officials have the absolute authority to make a final decision on a permanent residency application.

If a candidate is applying from inside Canada, one must submit evidence that he/she is applying with valid immigration status, and the candidate must have the financial capacity to settle in Canada. In other words, the candidate must prove he/she has enough money to support themselves and/or family while living in Canada. Documents that can be submitted are bank statement or a certification letter, deposit statement, proof of your savings.

Working in Canada is the dream for many and the application process differs for each province, territory and occupation. To keep yourself one step ahead of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, check out

Application Portal