About us

IRCC is an online immigration consultant platform for people around the world can use to obtain consultations and access reputable and regulated immigration consultants for assistance in completing their immigration applications.

Our consultants have over 100 years of immigration consulting experience in all Canadian provinces. IRCC is a one stop destination for people interested in coming to Canada can access get advice from one or a group of our consultants.

By having multiple consultants from all across Canada, applicants will be directed to the proper regulated Immigration professional who specializes in certain types of applications. In addition, applicants may have access to IRCC consultants who speak their native language.

IRCC is a platform where applicants have assurance that they are dealing with reputable ICCRC consultants who are insured, accountable, follow the rules of professional conduct, and have the highest success rates.

These top professionals receive a large number of applicants each month from IRCC.ca and by dealing directly with the IRCC Immigration Consultants Platform, you get discounted rates, negotiated exclusively for you.

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Our Consultants

Our consultants are all registered and regulated ICCRC immigration consultants in Canada and for the jurisdiction they practice in. Each consultant has been hand picked and invited by the owner Dirk Propp also an immigration consultant to achieve the highest standard for our clients.

Our process is to first have a consultation to ensure that you qualify and go through your options prior to moving forward on an application. It is our goal to have the highest success rate and will not take on clients that do not have an 80% chance of success or higher.

Once the consultation is completed you then have the option to hire a consultant through IRCC.ca, input your data and supporting documents so that your application can be made professionally. Through IRCC.ca’s platform, it allows consultants to easily access all the data to complete the application and communicate with you using our advanced online system which is mobile, tablet, Mac and PC friendly as well as browser independent.

Our consultants are specialized in:

  • All Provincial Nominee applications
  • All types of sponsorships
  • All Entrepreneur programs
  • All types of student applications
  • All types of Appeal to the IRB
  • All types of Humanitarian situations

The languages are that are spoken are:

…Coming soon...

Some of the consultants are:

Finalist for Awards, past CIC officers, Past port of entry officers, regulars in front of IRB, HR professionals, have strong track records of success from certain IRCC offices, and most importantly have a successful track record.

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