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SINP Existing Work Permit

Saskatchewan is a rapidly growing economy in Canada with plenty of job opportunities in a variety of industries. This is the reason why large numbers of immigrants around the world are choosing to take advantage of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) to obtain a work permit. If you a skilled worker then you can benefit from this program. The SINP program has a variety of subcategories a few of them are: Saskatchewan Experience Category, International Skilled Worker Category, Entrepreneur & Farm Category.

Although SINP has a lot of subcategories it’s important to remember that each one has its own set of requirements. Which means you must be careful during the application process and choose the best program suited for you. Here are three commonly asked questions about the SINP process.

Question #1. I have a Temporary Work Permit in Canada. Can I be considered for SINP?

Yes you can be considered for SINP, but there are two different either International Skilled Worker or Saskatchewan Experience Category.

International Skilled Worker subcategory requires you to meet the 60 point criteria, have a valid permanent job offer and a Job Approval Letter from your employer. After those conditions are met you may apply at any time.

Saskatchewan Experience subcategory requires a minimum of 6 months of on the job experience, a permanent job offer and a Job Approval Letter from your employer. After a 6 month period you can apply to SNIP. Please keep in mind that the experience subcategory can be further categorized for certain low skilled occupations with additional requirements. Overall this category is good for people with less than 1 year of experience and those who may not meet the 60 point criteria required by the International Skilled Worker category above.

Question #2. What should I do if my work permit is about to expire and I have not yet received permanent residency?

In order to maintain your legal status you need to request a work permit extension a minimum of 30 days prior to the expiration date of your current work permit. If your work permit expires prior to receiving a work permit extension you may continue to work on implied status until a decision is made. If your work permit has already expired you have 90 days to apply for another work permit, however, during this time you will not be allowed to work in Canada, but you are allowed to remain in Canada on implied status while you wait for your new work permit, and permanent residency.  Please note that it is very important to maintain your legal status in Canada during your SINP application process.

Question #3. When Can I move to Saskatchewan?

You can move to Saskatchewan as soon as your application has been approved and sent to the Canadian Visa Office and you have obtained a letter of support for a temporary work permit. Once your application is approved by CIC then you may begin working or preparing your business operation while your Saskatchewan permanent residency application is being processed.

Need additional assistance with an SINP work permit or have other concerns then please visit  Canadian Application Centre at https://ircc.ca/.

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